The Art Of Questions

Join us to explore: How questions can guide us and our work with others creating meaningful conversations in uncertain times.




It is hardly breaking news that we are living in an increasingly complex and uncertain world. We are seeing this everyday, witnessing changes in many systems. Many of us are exploring how to deal with this uncertainty and host change in the systems we are part of. This is no easy task, and there are no simple answers as to how.

We need good questions to guide us in our personal lives, families, organizations and nations. We need questions to seed the conversations that really matter, engaging others to address and explore new and better ways of doing what needs to be done.



What is included in the Course?
  • Course Compendium
  • 20 + videos
  • Bonus Material
  • Inspiration from 6 leading voices on societal transformation and the Art of Questions.
  • You become part of a thriving learning community of peers.
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Access to Beehive Community Calls for 1 year.




The content of the course has been designed hosted by Amy and Rowan thinking about the importance of working skillfully with questions in these times of so much uncertainty.

We have invited and continue to invite some of leading voices and most experienced practitioners in this crucial art that will help us have a direction when answers and certainty of the future is scarce. In this course you will find contributions from: Juanita Brown, Chris Corrigan, Bliss Brown, Marilee Adams, Diana Whitney and Bob Stilger.

Chris Corrigan

Amy Lenzo

Juanita Brown

WindEagle Kinney-Linton

Bob Stilger

Marilee Adams

Diana Whitney

Bliss Browne

“Don’t be afraid of the answers.
Be afraid of not asking the questions.”
– Jennifer Hudson

Our Questions

  • Why do we need better questions in our world today?
  • How do we recognize a good question?
  • How do we craft powerful and engaging questions?
  • What can our questions lead to?
  • What do our questions tell us about ourselves and our assumptions?
  • How can we design questions that are responsive to and effective in different contexts?


A sneak peak where Bliss Browne shares a story about the core role of questions from her experience starting and working with the inspiring "Imagine Chicago" movement.




We are offering a more flexible way for you to engage with our courses. Based on our realtime sessions we with an incredible range of practitioners from very diverse backgrounds and all with deep practice we have curated these different perspectives for you to dive deeper into The Art of Questions. We have set out to offer a new kind of course that is more FLEXIBLE  and mostly self paced.  At the same time you will learn with a community of peer learners and be able to connect in our live community sessions. This course in based on: 

  • Self paced learning: Through carefully curated bite size videos and audio presenting the core ideas. This allows you to access the teachings when it is convenient for you.
  • A community of peer learners and peer feedback. This allows us to get to know peers from all over the world and reflect on our own practice in the light of what others are doing.
  • Simple exercises to help you integrate your learning in your context.
  • A practice guide for reference and inspiration, that you can print out and take with you.
  • Live Community Calls to inspire and connect throughout the year, where you will be able to share with peers and hear from others working with different topics connected to participatory processes.


  • Three Levels of Questions
  • Curiosity and Purpose
  • Surfacing Questions
  • Creating the Future through Language
  • Family Examples
  • Exercise 1
  • The Choice Map
  • The Adams Model of Change
  • The Invisible Power of Questions
  • Exercise 2
  • Strategic Questions
  • Context and Simplicity
  • WHAT? Understanding the context
  • SO WHAT? Making sense
  • Exercise 3
  • Unlocking our unknown future
  • Disruptive questions for dealing with disaster
  • Exercise 4
  • Words Creating Worlds 
  • Crossing the Appreciative Threshold
  • Discover, Dream, Design, Destiny
  • Exercise 5
  • Questions for our Lifetime
  • Systems Change
  • Seeding Questions
  • Architecture of Participation
  • The power of story and taking a stand/stance
  • Exercise 6


You get:

  • Course Compendium
  • 20 + videos
  • 6 exercises for deepening your practice of working with questions
  • Inspiration from 6 leading voices on societal transformation and the Art of Questions.
  • You become part of a thriving learning community of peers.
  • Lifetime access to the course


Access to the monthly live Beehive Community Calls for 1 year.




Prices and accessibility

We don’t want your economic situation to get in the way of your participation.  Contact us for group discounts, or if you need help making the course work for you financially.

"It was amazing to be hosted in a way I have never experienced before and so well. I am in awe and in deep gratitude to our hosts and harvesters. Thank you. Learned that powerful questions have the power to open a pathway to the future."

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