Knowing our lineage and history is core to evolving our practices...

Moving from Fragmentation to Wholeness

Working to create more wholeness and less fragmentation in our world, we believe it is important to receive inspiration and new ideas to support this goal, and we feel that equally important as knowledge and inspiration is the lived experience of connecting with others who share our intentions.

At Beehive, we are committed to strengthening our capacity to collaborate and be together more creatively and co-generatively. We see that we are part of a purpose and a movement that is bigger than any of us alone. Bigger than any of our Communities of Practice.

With this in mind we are contributing to a field of practice and connecting practitioners across the world, having conversations that matter and organizing in ways that nurture our relationships to ourselves, each other and the natural world around us.

To support the cultivation of this field we want to connect to the roots and origins of our practices, and explore the ongoing evolution of our field.

We want to know:

  • What are the founding stories of our different communities?
  • What impulses and inspirations have driven the birth and growth of our shared work?
  • Why is it important to continue to nurture our understanding through the practice of being and learning together?
  • What are the deeper principles underlying our work?
  • How are the different strands of this work interwoven?
  • What’s happening in the larger movement of which we are just one part?
  • What is my role in the evolution of this work?

These Origin Story calls are our way of opening the above conversation. With a rhythm of connecting as a larger community every other month, we hope to learn together and help us all see each other and our different practices as vital elements in this profound collective moment. 

Our Pricing Model

These Origin Story calls are a contribution from Beehive Productions to the "Central Garden" of participatory practice.

We offer them on a contribution basis - from $0 - $20 - to help us cover the costs of graphic recording, but don't let money be an obstacle to your participation. Everyone is welcome!

Your registration includes a place at the interactive real-time online Origin Story conversation, and access to recorded archives of every call we've hosted since they began in 2018.

Come, take your place in the community as we learn about our interwoven origins, together.  

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