How do we build capacity to be with conflict in creative and generative ways, with kindness and courage at the center?
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What are we learning about working in the liminal space between conflict and collaboration?

Conflict like fire can burn, illuminate or transform, depending on we handle it. In this course we  explore how to lean in to the fire of conflict and work with it, and each other, with greater skill, respect and care. Leaning in to conflict – including the pain and confusion that often accompany it – and staying with it, can help us learn and connect more deeply with ourselves and each other.

We have all experienced conflict that hurts. So it is natural to react to it by “flight” or “fight.” We are exploring a fundamentally different  way: to “engage” conflict creatively; to forge understanding and cooperation from within it.

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How can we be and work with the intensity and creative potential of complexity, confusion, and difference?

Our Invitation to you

We invite you to join this exploration and deepening practice of creative conflict engagement that can help us collaborate better, improve your relationships and ultimately make peace with conflict.

In this course we explore:

  • What conflict is: looking at it through a personal, interpersonal and systems lens.
  • How to slow down our automatic fight/flight responses and engage conflict more mindfully and creatively.
  • We look at changing our attitudes toward conflict, exploring the necessary role that it can play in our lives and relationships.
  • We explore cultivating embodied practices that allow us to be more creative and courageous when faced with difference and disagreement.
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Understanding conflict styles and how I show up in conflict. What are my triggers and drivers?
Here we start flexing our conflict engagement muscle.

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Often, conflict is not the problem, our ways of working with it are. We will explore together how the “other” can become not the enemy but our worthy opponent with whom we can practice and grow.

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If we flip over the coin of conflict, we often discover goals and unmet needs on the other side. 
We explore goal and identity based conflicts.

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We need to start with ourselves, but we don't need to end with ourselves. 
How do we take an active stance starting small and still keeping the bigger picture and context in mind?


This inquiry is hosted in collaboration between Beehive Productions and Leaning in to Conflict where Nina and Jay bring their wealth of experience on working in different ways with conflict, mediation and peace building to this co-creation, where we found that what we created between the three of us was both practical and powerful. 

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Jay Rothman

Peace builder and conflict artist

Jay Rothman, Ph.D. conducts the ARIA Group. He has pioneered creative methods for engaging people locked in identity-based conflict and helping them build new understanding and cooperation (see www.ariagroup.com).

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Nina Nisar

Integral Conflict Coach

Nina is a mindful Conflict Coach and Integral Facilitator.  She is a Art of Hosting Practitioner, trained in Conflict Transformation with IICP  and a passionate student of Diane Hamilton. Over the past 15 years, she has worked with diverse individuals, political parties, NGOs, Foundations, the European Commission, Cities and Civil Movements in Europe, India, Israel/ Palestine and Afghanistan.

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Rowan Simonsen

Peace practitioner

Rowan is working to bring conversations that matter into all aspects of life and our society. He is an Aikido and Art of Hosting Practitioner, a Kaospilot, he is trained in the Disciplines of Peace. He is co-developing the “Practising for Peace Dojo” in Colombia and the world and supporting the creation of resilient and creative rural communities.



This training is intended for people working with others in any context whether in teams, organizations, families, educational institutions and any other collaborative efforts. This invitation is particularly relevant for those  working more with process, participation and engagement. Leaning in to Conflict is for you, if you :

  •  Find yourself challenged or triggered by others in your personal or professional life .
  •  Work with teams or groups that regularly experience  unproductive conflict.
  •  Are working with human resources or relationships.
  •  Are wondering how to create more peaceful societies.

“Conflicts may be the sources of defeat, lost life and a limitation of our potentiality but they may also lead to greater depth of living and the birth of more far-reaching unities, which flourish in the tensions that engender them.” Karl Jaspers

Leaning in to Conflict FLEX

$49.00 USD


In this course we have picked the best parts of the recordings from our 2018 and 2019 realtime courses and sprinkled them with a few additional resources and some new recordings. You get:

  • A Course Compendium
  • 15+ Video sessions with teaching and cases.
  • Practical Exercises to support your practice
  • Lots of additional resources if you want to deepen your inquiry.
  • Access to practical tools to support your further practice.

Given that the content is based on recordings of realtime sessions, you will find that the sound or image may not be as sharp as we would like. Bear with us, lean in and make the most of this offering that we share from a deep conviction that this is one of the most important practices of our times.

If finances is a barrier for your participation, let us know and we will find a creative solution ;) write: [email protected]



"It changed how I show up at work!

Attending the course with Nina, Jay and Rowan made me realize that we are surrounded by conflicts and that we might as well learn how to deal with them in a helpful way."
~ Course participant

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"The Leaning into Conflict course helped me understand my own approach to conflict

As well as how to prepare for and actually engage in areas of disagreement. With increased understanding and tools to apply, my confidence has been boosted.
Rather than avoiding difficult conversations, I’m excited by the potential of uncovering the real interests underlying a conflict and of transferring negative energies into a more constructive search for solutions."
~ Course participant