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What practices support me when leading in complexity and uncertainty?
What is at the core of hosting transformation and meaningful change?

To support the development of collective capacity in the community of participatory practitioners, we are offering a new series of Hosting Fundamentals. This series will highlight key contributions from different parts of the field that illuminate important fundamentals of hosting collaboration, change and conversations that matter.

Our first course in this series is The Art of Hosting Fundamentals. The Art of Hosting has led the global community in developing theory and practice that supports the field of hosting as a whole. Two fundamental practices to come out of the Art of Hosting community – profoundly relevant and valuable to all change leaders and process practitioners – are The Fourfold Path and The Eight Breaths of Process Design.

These two patterns are covered only briefly in the three-day Art of Hosting training, and not at all in other trainings or learning programs. Between them, they are essential guides to hosting that help us show up more completely and effectively in all the work we do, and better understand the natural cycles of any collaborative endeavour.

Gift from the Art of Hosting Community to the Central Garden of  our shared practice

The FourFold Path

The FourFold Path is at the heart of Art of Hosting practice.  It is called the FourFold Path because it is a holon — each part of it encompasses the part before and goes further.  It offers a pathway that leads to a deepening of personal and professional practice in the realms of hosting yourself, being hosted/being a great participant, hosting and harvesting conversations that matter, and being part of a co-creative community. At the center, lies mastery.

The Fourfold Path is a simple, but potent way to round out your practice, finding out where you are skillful and where you need to focus your efforts.  It is a foundation stone for anyone who wants to strengthen their capacities to lead in complexity and deepen their participatory practice.

The 8 Breaths of Process Architecture

With its focus on participatory practice and engaging people in conversation and work that matters, the Art of Hosting community  discovered that every process, project and meeting seems to follow a basic pattern – divergence, emergence and convergence — what we call the breath pattern.  Just as how you breathe makes a difference to your health, realizing where you are in a process flow makes a dramatic difference to how effective and open, both to participation and emergence, a process can be.  

The 8 Breaths of Process Architecture is a powerful framework that enables you to chart your course and track your progress.  In the hands of a project group, a core team or a community of practice, it can make all the difference to creating resilient and sustainable results.

What we will cover

  • The Fourfold Path practice pattern and how it can support your personal and professional practice
  • What the breath pattern is and how can it can be a powerful tool for working in groups
  • The 8 Breaths framework and how each breath is important to the overall process
  • Elements that work through the 8 Breaths — leadership, storytelling, powerful questions, hosting & harvesting and how you can use each of these elements to strengthen your process
  • Working with peers to shape and sharpen your specific focus so you walk away with  more clarity on how to strengthen your personal practice and concrete steps for your project

Who should attend

  • Anyone who facilitates, hosts, leads and inspires others.
  • Those who want a powerful tool to create clarity and innovation in their projects or working life.
  • Those who carry the responsibility for keeping business on track.
  • Team members or leaders who want to help support the group’s success.
  • Leaders in work or life at any level.
  • Those who are beginning, or in the midst of, working on what matters most to them.

How we will work

This will be a highly participatory and hands on workshop.  Please come prepared with a project idea or concept, an initiative or meeting you want to focus on.  If you have materials to support this project, please also bring these.

Participatory, interactive and we create knowledge together.  There will be a compendium at the end offered to the field.

We will spend time discovering and extending the our work on fundamentals into a variety of aspects such as leadership, powerful questions, hosting and harvesting and storytelling.  Then we will use the practice patterns to support participants to create or enhance their real-life current work.


4 Mondays | November 5th, 12th, 19th &  | 10.00- 12.00 pm Pacific Time

  • Pacific time: 10.00
  • Mountain time: 11.00
  • East Coast time: 12.00
  • UK: 18.00
  • Central Europe: 19.00
  • Eastern Europe: 20.00


Online: Zoom, Facebook, & Beehive Production Forums

How much?

All our courses are offered within an alternative economy model. The recommended fee is what it costs to produce the course, but we offer 30% off to groups of 3 or more, and a lower amount if you need a little help right now. We also have limited exchange opportunities available. Contact us with a proposal to explore those further.


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