Harvesting Community Calls


What are we learning about creating a an ecology of learning, harvesting insights and outcomes from the important conversations we are part of?

As Beehive we want to nurture our field of practice and learning, this is why we are inviting you to join this community of practice, of hosts, facilitators, scribes, graphic facilitators and recorders and learners to come together and share what we are learning about how Harvesting and Collective Sense Making can strengthen the way we learn, organize and take action.

The Harvesting Community Calls is an ongoing series of calls, where we invite inspiring practitioners to share what they are working with and create space for connecting and sharing of experience and stories that can help deepen our practice and have greater impact in the contexts that we are part of.

We invite you to offer a little contribution to the center, supporting us in creating these spaces and allowing us to keep this momentum going.

Check out our upcoming sessions below. We look forward to see you and deepen this practice together.

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