Founding Stories and Essence

Founding Stories and Essence

What are the founding or origin stories of some our elders and pioneers who have gone before us?

How am I stepping into to the lineage of the bigger work we are doing?

As Beehive we are committed to strengthen our capacity to collaborate and converse more creatively and generatively.
Starting to see that we are part of a movement that is bigger than each of us. Bigger than each of our communities of Practice. With this in mind we are contributing to a field of practice and connecting practitioners across the world having conversations that matter and organizing in ways that nurture our relationships to ourselves, each other and the natural world around us.

To support the cultivation of this field we want to connect to the roots and the essence of our practices and connect to the evolution of our work.

We are starting an exploration of :

What are the origin stories of our different communities of practice?

What has inspired the birthing, growth and evolution of this work?

Why is it important to continue to nurture our understanding and practice of working and being together?

What are the deeper underlying principles of this work?

How are the different strands of this work interwoven?

What’s happening in this larger movement?

What is my role in the evolution of this work?

We are opening this conversation as an ongoing commitment throughout the year.
We are inviting our elders and pioneers of these practices to share their journey and perspectives on how this has evolved.

We have had Toke Møller and Juanita Brown join us to share their stories about the origins of Art of Hosting and The World Café as well as the relationship between these two movements.


Margaret Wheatley
Otto Scharmer
Peter Senge

See more info below and sign up. These calls are a gift to the community – you can join for free.
nd… if it’s possible for you, we invite contributions that can help support this offering to our shared field of practice.

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