Community Calls

Tending to Our Field of Practice

As Beehive we are committed to strengthening our capacity to collaborate and converse more creatively and generatively. The purpose of Beehive Productions is to serve the “Central Garden”, or larger community of participatory practitioners; to foster collaboration and collective learning based on the idea that we know more together than any of us do alone.

Starting to see that we are share a purpose and are part of a movement that is bigger than each of us. Bigger than each of our Communities of Practice. With this intention we are offering a series of community calls focussed on different topics, such as “Our Origin and Evolution” as a field of practice, “Harvesting and Sense Making” and “Groundwork Practice”

For now we have two series of calls lined up, starting in the fall 2018:


One exploration that has been alive for us for a long time has been to connect to founding or origin stories of some of our elders and pioneers who have gone before us and connect to where we find our selves in the evolution of these practices.

This will be an ongoing exploration every 2 months, starting with founding stories from the Art of Hosting and World Cafe.


Over the last years we have been offering various learning spaces around Harvesting and Collective Sense Making and have been exploring how to create the conditions and practices for a rich learning ecology in all our work, from small conversation to large scale strategic work. 

To continue to deepen this practice we are inviting community calls for all who work with harvesting and sense making to get inspiration from leading practitioners and share experiences. The calls are every 2 months.

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