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The Art of Invitation

A good invitation stems from a real need to meet and engage with others. The success of all participatory processes – whether they are single meetings, long term strategic interventions, or gatherings of any kind – depends on a solid invitation in order for people to show up for them and contribute.

Because participatory processes are still a relatively unorthodox way of meeting and tackling strategic issues, invitations need to be participatory too, and they must unfold over time, inviting people specifically and in a way that engages them long before the meeting begins.  The saying “The conversation begins long before the meeting starts” (which comes from Christie Diamond) helps guide the way we plan invitations.

“A good soup attracts chairs.”
~ An Akan proverb


The purpose of this course is to explore and unpack what the art of invitation really means. Working with the practice of invitation as an action rather than something that happens BEFORE the action we will explore underlying principles and practices and look at how “embodying invitation” is one of the most important practices you can develop for doing any participatory strategic work successfully.

As we learn about invitation on the smaller scale, we develop the skills and capacities to create projects and organizations with invitation as a core leadership practice. “What does an inviting organization look like?


1: The Basics of Invitation
The subtle arts of connecting to “call”, need, and longing, in creating good invitations for good meetings.

2: Invitation for Larger Scale Strategic Processes
Who is sharing the invitation? How is it being shared? And what impact is it  having?
How do we create larger scale strategic processes that are themselves an invitation?

3: Invitation as a Leadership Practice w/ Michael Herman
How does my leadership create a culture of invitation? What does an inviting organization look like?

“How inviting is your organization and your leadership, in spirit and in practice? This is the big strategic question every organization and leader needs to answer now. There is no more effective (and humane!) way to bring people together, get people’s best insights and efforts, and drive continuous learning and improvement – and no more important business need – than to invite them.”
~ Michael Herman

We’ll be using a participatory, peer-learning format that will draw on the power and expanse of our shared experience and increase our capacity to learn with and from each other.

  • Working online, we can take advantage of the international scope of our interconnected communities.
  • Weekly Participatory “Real Time” Sessions
  • Exercises to apply in your own Context
  • Closed Facebook Group for Peer Exchange
  • Co-Created Course Compendium for Ongoing Work & Reference

In our online learning environments: Zoom, Facebook, & Beehive Production’s Platform

We have priced this course to be as accessible as possible – 100% of the suggested registration fee of $300 US covers the costs of producing this training.

AND we don’t want finances to get in the way of your participation, so there are alternative financial options in your registration form, including team rates for groups of 3 or more working together, and an invitation to contribute more to cover those who can’t pay the full rate. Contact us for the team rate promo code (send us names and email addresses of your group of three or more), or if you need more help in making the course work for you.